Vision/Mission Statements

The Aerospace Leadership Academy (AERLA) adheres to three guiding statements that help provide direction and ensure the Academy’s success. They are the Vision and Mission Statements and AERLA’s Educational Philosophy.


AERLA’s vision is to be the top aerospace focused university preparatory school instilling tradition, and developing relevant knowledge and leadership, enabling our cadets to succeed in this global world.

This will occur through our cadets learning academic concepts and skills for an unknown future via applications relevant to the aerospace, aviation and defense industries. This will be strengthen by private and public partnerships in related fields to help our cadets reach their full potential.


AERLA transforms its cadets into individuals ready for university, the workplace and for life. The academic program provides theory-based knowledge, but also skills required to succeed through both individualized and group STEM-related and leadership projects, hands-on activities and collaborative engagement with our partners.


AERLA’s commitment is to transform, educate and prepare one for tomorrow’s unknown future. Our cadets will be courageous, innovative, moral, and self-disciplined leaders committed to benefiting society while meeting their own needs.