SA Virgin Galactic future Astronaut Tim Nash coming to AERLA picnic

Tim Nash Virgin photograph

Tim Nash Virgin photographWe are pleased to announce that South African Virgin Galactic Future Astronaut Pioneer Timothy Nash, who is also a very active Galactic Unite Executive Council member will be attending the AERLA Picnic this Saturday 05 April 2014. Like Afronaut Maseko, Tim will be speaking to the kids and the parents about his journey.

Besides being a pilot himself he is very engaged in making a difference in South Africa, especially around STEM education and wildlife conservation. Timothy was invited to join the National Geographoc International Council of Advisors (ICoA) in 2013.  The ICoA is “composed of visionary leaders representing professions and industries across the globe. They exemplify the intellectual curiosity and quest for adventure that have driven our mission since 1888 and they help determine where the Society will go next.”