Fees and Financial Assistance

PENTAX ImageAERLA Directors review the tuition/fees annually, but are based on top tier American university standards with various payment plans available. The full fees are US$55,000. This includes all housing, food, books/tablet and uniform related expenses. Please note that this does exclude certain items such as flying lessons.

A student expense account is required for all boarders. It is used to cover common items such as extracurricular activities, field trips, taxis, school pictures, doctors appointments, medicine and other miscellaneous charges.

Due to AERLA’s goal of developing Africa’s future leaders in applicable fields and our overall community outreach for Southern Africa, we have a discounted rate of R140,000 and required R8,000 expense account (R148,000) for citizens of SADC countries.

Medical insurance is mandatory for all AERLA students.


For students who enrich our student body, yet whose family might bear financial hardship in order to attend AERLA, some financial assistance is available.

AERLA provides a select number of bursaries/scholarships every year to unique, smart, passionate, and ambitious young men and women who we can support in order for them to achieve their full potential. The overall purpose of our bursary/scholarship program is:

  • To provide opportunities for economically disadvantaged children who have the potential and will to succeed.
  • To help and motivate these children to achieve excellence academically and become leaders in their communities and countries.
  • To mentor them and their families and provide support where possible.

Criteria for AERLA bursary/scholarship:

  • Applicant must be in Grade 7 – 10.
  • There must be a verifiable and genuine financial need.
  • There must be a will to succeed and lead.
  • The student must be achieving top academic scores.

Bursaries/scholarships will only be provided if it has been established that the applicant meets all the above criteria. AERLA bursaries/scholarships are awarded on an annual basis for one school year. The scholar sets goals at the beginning of each year, which are then assessed towards the end of the year.

For more information, please contact the Admissions office at admissions@aerospaceleadershipacademy.com