Dr Jo-Ansie van Wyk joins AERLA Advisory Board

Dr Jo-Ansie Van Wyk

Dr Jo-Ansie Van WykDr van Wyk has written extensively on space law and space developments in Africa. She was appointed by the South African Minister of Trade and Industry to serve as a Member of the South African Council for Space Affairs (SACSA) in June 2010 and currently serves as Advocacy Chair.

Dr van Wyk is a lecturer in International Politics in the Department of Political Sciences, University of South Africa (Unisa). She holds an MA (Political Science), BA Hons (Political Science) and a BA from the University of Stellenbosch, and a D Phil (International Relations) from the University of Pretoria. She also regularly lectures at the South African National Intelligence Academy, the South African National Defence College, the South African War College and the South African Diplomatic Academy.

Next week (03-05 December 2013) Dr van Wyk will be attending the 5th African Leadership Conference on Space Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in Accra, Ghana. The ALC is a cross-regional space organization that seeks to harness space science and technology for the betterment of the human condition in Africa, through active and regular engagements and interactions among African political leaders and its professionals and scientists, with the goal of building a vibrant Africa partnership in space science and technology.

Some of Dr van Wyk’s notable space publications include:

‘South Africa’s space policy and interests: a new dawn or a black hole?’ Strategic Review for Southern Africa. 2009.  p. 46-73.

‘Space for peace? The use of space technology to monitor conflict trends and human security in Africa.’ Conflict Trends. Issue 4. 2008. p. 12-17.

‘South Africa’s space interests: universalism redefined?’ South African Institute of International Affairs’ (SAIIA) South African Foreign Policy Monitor. June – July 2007. p. 3-4.