AERLA Expert Advisers

Numerous individuals from around the world, who all strongly believe in the aim and mission of AERLA, have volunteered to assist the Academy on a frequent basis. We are privileged to have their contributions across a number of fields, which is crucial to our students education and experience.

These AERLA Expert Advisers provide mostly technical advice in their particular area(s) of expertise.

Prof RabiuProfessor Babatunde Rabiu- Rabiu, Professor of Space Physics, is the Director of the Centre for Atmospheric Research of the Nigerian National Space Research and Development Agency located within the Campus of the Kogi State University. He was a Deputy Director in the Space Agency between 2010 and December 2012.

Prof Rabiu’s research interest lies mainly in Ionospheric Physics, Space Weather and Solar Terrestrial Interactions. He was named the Young Scientist of the Year 2000 in Nigeria by the Third World Academy of Science, Italy, in collaboration with the Nigerian Academy of Science. He is a renowned Space Physicist with passion for observational facilities in Africa. At moment, Prof Rabiu is the national coordinator of the International Space Weather Initiative and serves on the international steering committee of the UN/NASA–endorsed global cooperation.

Professor Adewale Banjo- Prof Banjo currently assists the Midrand-based Graduate School of Business & Leadership (SBL) of the University of South Africa (UNISA). He holds a PhD in Political Science/Political Economy (Ibadan), had additional training at the University of South Carolina USA as Fulbright Summer Fellow (2002) and at the Central European University (CEU) Budapest/Hungary, as George Soros/Open Society Summer Fellow (2003).

Prof Banjo has also served as facilitator at the South Africa Diplomatic Academy [Formerly, Foreign Service Institute] as well as Guest Scholar at the South Africa National Defence College (SANDC) and at the South Africa National War College (SANWC). He has written extensively on the African experience vis a vis public-policy, governance, public-sector leadership, and on the political economy of state-society relations and development diplomacy.

Dr. Selase Adanu- Dr Adanu currently works at the Centre for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information services based at the University of Ghana. His research focuses on the development of management plans for the sustainable management of tourist sites in Ghana using satellite images for the purposes of detecting key changes. Dr Adanu engages heavily in rural development and health matters as well.

He received his PhD from the University of Witswatersrand where his research examined lost forest cover from 1975 to 2001 based on satellite and questionnaire data analysis highlighting key underlying drivers of deforestation: demographic pressure, poverty, institutional factors, policies, technology and attitudes.

Mark ComninosMr Mark Comninos- Mr Comninos, an expert in the design of liquid rocket engines, is the Managing Director and Chief Design Engineer at Marcom Aeronautics & Space based in South Africa. Marcom is developing  a two stage expendable launch vehicle designed to carry up to 1000kg to low-Earth orbit as South Africa moves towards greater self-sufficiency in space.

Mr. Comninos holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University in Indiana (1995) and a Master of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering (1997) from The University of Texas at Austin.